Vacation Bible Camp Registration will take place from Thursday, March 20, 2014 through May 1, 2014

CLICK HERE to register!

Vacation Bible Camp is one of the greatest opportunities we have to reach our young children during the summer months. It continues to be one of the most productive special events in religious education.

There will be songs, games, great snacks, and crafts. And of course there will be Bible teaching!

Now that you know what it is, WHY SEND YOUR CHILDREN? It is a wonderful opportunity for them to be out of the house, play with friends, have fun, meet new friends, learn more about Jesus and the Bible, and have fun, fun, fun!

So, if you want to put a smile on your child’s face, and have them grow in their faith in a fun environment, then send them to Jungle Safari Bible Camp at St. Eleanor Parish!

Vacation Bible Camp will take place:
Monday, June 23, 2014
Friday, June 27, 2014
9:00 AM – 12:00 Noon
for St. Eleanor Parishioners entering into Grades K through 4 in the fall.

$75.00 for 1 child
$150.00 for 2 children
$200.00 for 3 or more children

Online registration will take place on March 20, 2014 starting at 10:30 AM


If you would like to download a printable P.R.E.P. calendar,

please CLICK HERE.


Please Pray for our Confirmation Candidates

This Tuesday and Wednesday, 225 Confirmation Candidates will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at St Eleanor Parish!  Please join in praying for all of the candidates.

Breathe in the candidates, Holy Spirit, that their thoughts may all be holy.

Fill the candidates, Holy Spirit, that their work, too, may be holy.  

Attract the hearts of the candidates, Holy Spirit, that they may love only what is holy.

Strengthen the candidates, Holy Spirit, that they defend all that is holy.

Protect the candidates, Holy Spirit, that they may always be holy.

Sarah Elaine Veronica Abruzzo
Danielle Isabella Nicole Addalli
Sophia Grace Cecilia Aguila
Colin David Matthew Amerine

Hannah Camille Aukers
Teresa Elizabeth Catherine Bartkowski
Tess Eileen Genevieve Barto
Ethan John Becton
Kayla Rose Beechan
Alden Anne Elizabeth Boccella
Isabelle Rose Mary Boccella
Sophia Paige Cecilia Buda
Luke Andrew Juan Burkett
Michael Dominic Nicholas Bonadonna
Kira Gemma Christina Bottura
Shelby Lynn Rachel Bougon
Evan Joseph Brabson
Jacqueline Ann Elizabeth Briggs
Emma Alexandra Rose Brogan
Emily Lauren Catherine Brown
Mary Catherine Cecilia Bruno
Anthony Stephen Bruno
Lily Mairead Kathryn Buckley
John Randall Sebastian Buckwalter
Dylan Christopher Michael Cantello
Patrick Kenneth Peter Carbone
Olivia Anne Elizabeth Carton
Rosalie Frances Francis Cerritelli
Nya Arena Cherry
Philippe Roger Nicholas Chevrier
Luken Francis Peter Cisick
Alexander Robert Sebastian Clark
Scott Christopher Clarke
Laura Elizabeth Angela Conboy
Lauren Sidney Joan Constantine
Reilly Morgan Frances Cook
Erin Rose Corcoran
Delaney Brophy Michele Cordrey
Jenna Vanessa Angelica Cortez
Liam Robert George Cotter
Kathryn Mary Elizabeth Crossan
Anna Nicole Maria Curran
Jessica Lee Rose D’Ambrosio
Ryan Patrick Joseph Daniels
Dalton Noah Davis
Julia Anne Marie De Guzman
Jessica Ann Marie Decembrino
Eden Maire Elizabeth DeColli
Erin Bridget Anne Dee
Alyssa Nicole Abigail DeFlavia
Jenna Nicole Margeurite DelMonte
Nicholas Joseph Michael DeSantis
Argen Gian Ingal Detoito
Amelia Rose Grace DiCicco
Christa Bella Rose Dominy
Matthew John Donny
Luke Robert John Donovan
Teresa Anne Philomena D’Ortone
Meghan Ashley Katherine Dougherty
Deena Marie Teresa Drager
Mary Jane Catherine Dugery
Brandon Daniel Sebastian Duke
John Michael Francis Durrell
Brett Thomas Sebastian Eberly
Sandra Ashley Marchella Erdman
Gavin James Euker
Katherine Anne Teresa Fallon
Jackson Remington Francis Fisher
Michael John Fitzgerald
Nicolette Elizabeth Leona Florence
Erin Reiliegh Lucy Fox
Tyler Joseph Maximilian Franks
Colin Michael Joseph Fuges
Katharine Linn Mary Gabell
Brooke Ashley Theresa Gallus
Elizabeth Frances Bernadette Gama
Ryan Anthony Sebastian Garcia
Megan Rose Katharine Geiger
Annika Nicole Deborah Giesa
Julianna Marie Teresa Giordani
Carlin Elizabeth Bridget Glancey
David Ryan Goodman
Marissa Nicole Katherine Grasso
Alfredo Joseph Grimaldi
Emma Elizabeth Nicole Grohe
Aaron G. Matthew Gruchevsky
Brett Michael David Gulati
Emma Grace Cecilia Haas
Sarah Anshan Rose Haggerty
Ian Noah Michael Haines
Caitlin Elizabeth Rose Hamill
Danielle Marie Anne Hamm
Derek Linford Timothy Hammel
Lindsay Theresa Sophia Hartman
Kevin William Hensel
Kate Rodgers Claire Hickey
Daniel Joseph Michael Hisey
Jack Charles John Hoffman

Kaleigh Susan Theresa Ianieri
Matthew David Andrew John
Matthew Michael Thomas Kain
Lauren Grace Cecilia Keefe
Audrey Grace Elizabeth Keen
Matthew Cole Felix Kelly
Kyle William John Kernen
Matthew James Francis Kirkman
Ryan Edward Giles Kolander
Caitlin Rose Regina Korkus
Patrick James Kovaleski
Sophia Paige Sarah Krouse
Amanda Grace Bridget Kuberski
Zachary Harold John Kupetz
Musyoka Wachira Adrian Kuria
Erin Elizabeth Veronica Lamirande
Stephanie Rachel Kathleen Land
Hannah Jeanne Abigail Lanza
Brianna Rose Julia LaPlante
David Michael John Lattanzi
Jason Timothy Joseph Lepore
Lucas James Paul Levant
Ashlyn Mae Madeline Lewis
Owen Robert Luke Ley
Olivia Grace Elizabeth Liacouras
Angelo Vino Victa Francis Lim
Alyssa Rose Catherine Lingo
Kelly Esmilla Agnes Loughin
Declan John Patrick Loughney

Bradley Joseph Francis Lynch
Anna Caterina Marie Magazzolo
Jessica Rose Francesca Maguire
Katherine Elizabeth Rose Mahon
Zachary Joseph Male
Catherine Leigh Rose Mannato
Marisa Nicole Elizabeth Marburger
Nina Ann Katharine Mariano
Gabriella Josephine Elizabeth Marinacci
William Robert Alexander Marotta
Arianna Grace Alessandra Martina
Olivia Louise Cecelia Massar
Brandon Andrew Michael Matasich
Riley Marie Mary McColgan
Colleen Marie Rita McDermott
Sean Timothy Luke McDonnell
Riley Elise Cecelia McGettigan
Emilie Kathryn Claire McGinley
Mathieu Mendoza Jerome McGowan
Arianna Meghan Rose McGrory
Luke Philip John McKenna
Emily Rebecca Patricia McKernan
Elizabeth Sara Catherine McMahon
Nicholas David Michael McMenamin
Aidan Joseph Sebastian Miller
Kylie Faith Mary Monaco
Luke Joseph William Monahan
Liam Patrick Aidan Murray
Gillian Leigh Hope Nash
Kayla Renee Veronica Nassoiy
Sierra Maria Mendes Novabilski
Samantha Nicole Maria Nuneviller
Kelly Jeanne Faith O’Donnell
Aidan Reid Luke O’Donnell
Kristen Emily Bridget O’Donnell
Joseph Connor Christopher Offshack
John Bedros Vincent Oskanian

Matthew Louis Panetta
Carlos Enrique Santos Paredes
Edmond Thomas Park
Malchu Serzo Stephen Pascual
Garrett Paul Stanislaus Patla
Julia Rose Lucy Patterson
Madison Elizabeth Lucy Peletsky
Drew Patrick Pettinelli
Benedict Joseph Patrick Prettyman
Zachary James Pruskowski
Joseph Michael Pugliese
Griffin Albert Pumilia
Julia Anne Elizabeth Quinn
Joseph Lawrence John Ramkawsky
Dana Emily Clare Reed
Camille Dorian David Reese
Christianna Marie Rose Regent
Hunter Thomas Sebastian Ringwood
Evan Henry Justin Rogosky
Connor Christopher Nicholas Roop
Paige Theresa Rothenberger
Maeve Margaret Mary Roynan
John Donald Anthony Russo
Connor Todd Joseph Ryan
Joshua Sean Ponferrada Sabio
Lauren Elizabeth Marianne Saladino Tang
Natalia Elizabeth Kathleen Santangelo
Kathleen Alice Elizabeth Schiele
Zachary Ryan Peter Schiffman
Brandon Patrick Schweers
Tyler Christopher Joseph Scilingo
Patrick Joseph Michael Seckinger
Hunter James Sebastian Sedgwick
Lily Catherine Barbara Shaffer
Mary Katherine Augusta Shannon
John Paul Singleton
Maxwell Gerard Sinner
Charles David Sebastian Sithens
Erica Lee Christina Smith
Caitlyn Rose Frances Stankina
Alexander Miroslaw Michael Szewczyk
Hayley Brooke Catherine Taggart
Kathryn Clarisse Katharine Teles
Michael Anthony Joseph Torcini
Colin Cunningham Sebastian Trainor
Nicholas Steven Matthew Trapani
Kaitlyn Marie Rose Tsiaras
Nicholas Steven Joseph Tufillaro
Samantha Eileen Cecilia Turley
Benjamin Phillip Leo Vanelli
Anna Katherine Cecilia Vitelli
Sarah Noelle Anne Ward
Giacomo Christopher David Ward
Claire Marie Madeline Wiegand
Matthew Kyle Michael Wilhelm
Julia Elizabeth Hermione Wisniewski
Jude David Joseph Wozniak
Adriana Maria Rene Yacovelli
Kyle Joseph Michael Young
Jacob Christopher Casimir Zavrotny

Wednesday Confirmation Rehearsal Rescheduled

Confirmation LogoConfirmation LogoConfirmation LogoConfirmation LogoDue to a scheduling conflict in the Church, the Confirmation Rehearsal that was scheduled for Wednesday, March 26, 2014 has been moved to Monday, March 24, 2014.

The rehearsal will now take place on Monday, March 24, 2014 from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM in the Church.  This rehearsal is for all Confirmation Candidates who will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation on April 2, 2014.

There is no change for the candidates who will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation on Tuesday, April 1, 2014.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this change.


Matt Kirsch
Coordinator or Religious Education

St. Eleanor P.R.E.P.
Lent  2014
In This Issue
Ash Wednesday Schedule

Ash Wednesday ChildDear P.R.E.P. Families,


Here we are at the dawn of a new Lenten season.  Often termed a “journey”, we find ourselves wandering about for six weeks looking for ways to deepen our relationship with our God.  Along the way we find value in a combination of prayer, serving the needy, and fasting.  Lent is unique to each person – a journey individually spiritual and fitted to one’s own desire to know and be known by God.  The real challenge, I think, is to determine to enter your personal journey this Lent and let God work in you.  


On Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, St. Paul directs us on our way:  be reconciled to God (2Cor.5:20). We will pray, do, and do without because we want to draw closer to God – we want to be reconciled.   By journey’s end, may we recognize in our drawing near that God has all the while been systematically at work in us. 


May you be up for the challenge to let God work in you this Lent.  To borrow from a children’s song, “great things happen when God mixes with man”.   



Ash Wednesday & Lent in Two Minutes
Ash Wednesday & Lent in Two Minutes



In our “journey” with the children this Lent we will follow the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) program that has so well prepared Operation Rice Bowl (ORB).  As Jesus’ disciples we have the responsibility to care for others at home and abroad.  ORB introduces children to some of their neighbors who are struggling and in need. Through their prayer and giving a huge difference is made in the lives of so many – the givers and receivers.   



Thomas Awiapo - CRS Speaker Tour 2014
Thomas Awiapo – CRS Speaker Tour 2014


Once again our large rice pot will be outside the Religious Education Office each week to accept the children’s donations for families and communities trying to overcome poverty and hunger.  The Lenten program for ORB focuses on a different area of need each week.  We encourage all children to take this seriously as part of their own Lenten journey.    


This week we will be focusing on Kenya: Creating Jobs, Creating Hope
This week we will be focusing on Kenya: Creating Jobs, Creating Hope


New this year – Catholic Relief Services has developed an Operation Rice Bowl App for both the iPhone and Android mobile operating systems.


We hope that your family will journey together to follow along with the daily plan outlined by CRS for this year’s Operation Rice Bowl.  The 2014 Lenten calendar that is provided inside the cardboard rice bowl is filled with ways to make this Lent a prayerful and giving experience.  Visit the website for more instructional information by CLICKING HERE.



In addition to Operation Rice Bowl, I want to draw your attention to a wonderful at-home Lenten family resource from Holy Heroes.  You can sign up for this free resource by CLICKING HERE. There are videos, coloring pages, and prayers you can utilize in your home.  You can also view a short video below that explains this wonderful program:

Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure
Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure


Sincerely,  PREP basic


Kathy Schmitt

Director of Religious Education

St. Eleanor Parish

Ash Forehead


Ash Wednesday Masses and Prayer Services

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

6:30 AM – Mass

9:00 AM – Mass

12:05 PM – Mass

4:00 PM – Prayer Service with Ashes

7:00 PM – Mass

Ashes will also be distributed to the After-School P.R.E.P. students during the Wednesday P.R.E.P. Session.

The Confirmation Candidate and Sponsor Retreat scheduled for Sunday, March 2, 2014 will be taking place as scheduled.

The retreat works best if the sponsor is present, however the candidate may attend the retreat with another adult if the sponsor is unable to attend due to weather and travel concerns.  If no other adult is able to attend with a candidate, please send the candidate only.  We will work to pair the candidate up with a staff member or catechist.

The staff has worked to modify the retreat schedule, and we anticipate the retreat will end between 4:15 PM and 4:30 PM.  We ask that all attendees arrive on time so that we can get started right away.

As always, please use your discretion when making plans to travel.confirmation-retreat-1

After-School P.R.E.P. Schedule Change

Due to the high number of cancellations we have had this program year due to snow, we have adjusted the After-School P.R.E.P. calendar.

March 2014 Change 

  • The Stations of the Cross Special Events that were scheduled for March 18th and 19th have been CANCELLED.
  • We will have regular classes on Tuesday, March 18th and Wednesday, March 19th.

April 2014 Change

  • Classes will be held on April 15th and April 16th.  Originally no classes were scheduled on these days, but now we will have classes.

Printable Calendar

  • To view an updated printable calendar, please CLICK HERE.

Online Calendar

  • To view an updated online calendar, please CLICK HERE.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with these changes


For those who are scheduled to help with the Hearts for Life Service Project scheduled for Saturday, January 25, 2014 – the service project is still on.  Please use your own discretion when deciding to travel to the parish.

snow dayDue to the snow storm, Holy Cross Regional Catholic School and the St. Eleanor Parish Religious Education Program will not have classes on Wednesday, January 22, 2014.

Since many people will be home with their children tomrrow, Holy Heroes has FREE Sunday Mass prep materials that you can use the pass the time.

Here are THREE things you can do to prepare your kids for Sunday Mass

* * 1. Watch our Sunday Gospel video — so your children will better be able to listen on Sunday, because they will have heard it before, so they’ll be able to recognize it and follow along when they hear it again on Sunday.

* * 2. Print out our coloring page download — so you can have the little ones color them, you can read the Gospel caption, and spark their imaginations visually for what they will hear this Sunday!

* * 3. Print off our “Mass Quiz” and take it to Mass — it is easy to fill out and helps the children follow along during the Liturgy of the Word!


1 2 3 6
Upcoming Events
all-day First Communion Practice for All Level 2 Students in After-School P.R.E.P. @ St. Eleanor Parish Religious Education Center
First Communion Practice for All… @ St. Eleanor Parish Religious Education Center
Apr 22 all-day
First Communion Practice for All Level 2 Students in After-School P.R.E.P. @ St. Eleanor Parish Religious Education Center | Collegeville | Pennsylvania | United States
First Communion Practice For All Level 2 Students in After-School P.R.E.P. The practices will take place during the regularly scheduled After-School P.R.E.P. Sessions     [...]
4:45 PM After-School P.R.E.P. Session – T1 @ St. Eleanor Parish Religious Education Center
After-School P.R.E.P. Session – T1 @ St. Eleanor Parish Religious Education Center
Apr 22 @ 4:45 PM – 6:00 PM
After-School P.R.E.P. Session - T1 @ St. Eleanor Parish Religious Education Center | Collegeville | Pennsylvania | United States
After-School P.R.E.P.  Session – T1
6:30 PM After-School P.R.E.P. Session – T2 @ St. Eleanor Parish Religious Education Center
After-School P.R.E.P. Session – T2 @ St. Eleanor Parish Religious Education Center
Apr 22 @ 6:30 PM – 7:45 PM
After-School P.R.E.P. Session - T2 @ St. Eleanor Parish Religious Education Center | Collegeville | Pennsylvania | United States
After-School P.R.E.P.  Session – T2

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